Physical Game is an Illusion!

Going digital is the future of gaming whether you like it or not.

Why I hear you ask? Well, I’ll do my best to explain. With the impending launch of Google Stadia this November I’m hearing one thing more and more frequently with each passing day. Whether it’s on comment sections or from popular YouTube’rs. And it’s this:

“I don’t want digital games because I won’t be able OWN the game. I want physical games, because that way, I will own the game forever”.

Or Something vaguely along those lines. This general point being, physical games means you own the game indefinitely.

I want to demonstrate why ‘owning physical game media in 2019, doesn’t actually mean you own the game’ and anyone that thinks that is, is deluding themselves.

You buy a game from the store. You rip off the plastic wrapping. You slide the disc into the console. You select ‘play disc’ or ‘play game’. Done, right. Wrong!

What’s generally the first thing you do before the loads? Some of you bright sparks may have already figured this out and know exactly what happens next.
And that is…

“A new update has been found. Do you want to install it?”

The day one patch. Or even the litany of patches that are release through the games life cycle. You see where I’m going with this?

The disc you bought from the store is simply a work in progress. an incomplete game.

We live in a time, where You have to download patches from Sony or Microsoft or Nintendo servers. you have no real choice in this. One day those servers will go down. it will happen. Remember the Wii Shop?

Then you will be stuck with a piece of plastic that is incomplete. unable to download all the patches required to make the game run properly.

Think about it how many times has a patch fixed ‘bad frame rates’ or fixed that spot in the game that ‘keeps crashing’ or fixes that bug that accidentally deletes your save file.

OK, OK not every game has patches. OK sure. I’ll give you that. But a lot do. A huge number for this to be a significant issue. Do you still think you’ll own this game forever just by having a physical disc?

In the good old days, permanent physical game ownership was a reality.

You owned these games as long as the cartridge and the system were in god working order. But if your console has an internet connection which allows for game updates to be downloaded think again. My PS3 library will be useless bits of plastic soon enough

With modern consoles, The publishers own the game forever. Not you. You my friends, just own a half finished games on a piece of plastic.

Don’t get me wrong a game box still looks beautiful on our shelves but is that really enough?

On a slight tangent, I have a UK DVD of South park and Flight of The Conchords seasons one. The publishers never released blue rays in the UK. So i can’t upgrade. Fortunately I own these discs and these will work as long as I own a good condition copy of the disc. No downloads needed. No patches. all mine.

If I’ve said anything you disagree with I am eager to hear your thoughts please please convince me otherwise. Make me realise I’m wrong. If any valid points are made, I will be sure to respond to them in a follow-up video

Going digital is the future of gaming whether you like it or not

Have a great day!

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