Captain America: Civil War

In preparation for BLACK PANTHER, the next installment in the MARVEL CINEMATIC UNIVERSE, I decided to rewatch CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR (or CAP ‘MURICA 3).

WINTER SOLDIER has always been favourite installment in the MCU and on first viewing back in 2016 I felt CIVIL WAR just didn’t match the quality of it’s predecssor. It was all too bloated and busy for my tastes. However on reevaluation, 2 years later, I think CIVIL WAR ranks amongst the best offerings the MCU has forced down our throats.

Firstly, bringing back the RUSSO BROTHERS to direct was a fantastic desicion. They expertly pace and build up a compelling story, as well as handle the plethora of characters with ease and respect. It’s extremley rare to see an ensemble of this magnitude, handled so well and not feel like any actor was underutilised.

The standout performance for me had to be BLACK PANTHER. I wish he was in it a little more, which only leaves me thirsting with anticipation that much more for his debut solo movie this month.

I must admit I was super apprehensive knowing that PETER PARKER was going to be shoehorned into this MCU installment. Yes, it was rushed and underdeveloped and totally came from leftfield – BUT – it worked. SPIDER-MAN was built up and ready to rock within minutes of being introduced. Much like how they handled T’CHALA. A part of my wish all superhero origins stories were 3 minutes long. But I suppose when you have a cast this large, there is zero time for bloat.

Unlike AGE OF ULTRON, I genuinley believed the conflict between STARK and RODGERS. There is clarity and justification on both parts as to which side of the SOKOVIA ACCORDS they stand.

As much as I loved the visual extravaganza that was the airport battle, I couldn’t help feel it was a bit extreme that the heroes would try to kill each other in the way that attempted. Almost cold blooded and heartless. The battle was between STARK and RODGERS. Why did they drag everyone else into it and risk their lives? T’CHALA’s motivation to kill the WINTER SOLDIER was as clear as day, but why risk ANT-MAN’s or SPIDER-MAN’s lives. They were conscripted almost needlessly. This was CIVIL WAR’s ‘portal opens up in the sky’ sin, in my eyes.

ZEMO is my favourite MCU villain so far. He is not superpowered. He doesnt want world domination. He simply wants to end HYDRA and the AVENGERS. The AVENGERS were responsible for the death of his family and thousands of others innocents. Yes he took the law into his own hands, but boy did he come the closest to actually destroying the avengers. ZEMO actually does end the AVENGERS line up as we knew it. Superb and about damn time.

I feel this movie should have been named AVENGERS 3: CIVIL WAR, as the sole focus isn’t STEVE ROGERS. The roster is extensive enough to not be a CAPTAIN AMERICA movie. However, the movie was refreshing in the fact that it didn’t have a portal to another dimension open up in the sky – which probably disqualified it from obtaining an ‘AVENGERS’ moniker.

Despite my moaning and groaning, I was thrilled to my (cross)bones.

🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄 of five.

One thought on “Captain America: Civil War

  1. Warning: Below I will go into nerdy detail about why I think the airport fight DID make sense in the context of the film.
    The first thing to remember is that Steve and Tony ‘recruit’ heroes to their side for different reasons:
    Tony recruits his team because he wants to take Bucky into custody. He knows that Cap and Falcon will both defend him, he can’t take all 3 of them on by himself, so he recruits a ‘team’.
    Steve finds out about a (supposed) plot by Zemo to unfreeze a bunch more winter soldier’s, the 3 of them couldn’t take on a whole bunch of winter soldier’s, so again he recruits a ‘team’.
    So Tony was expecting his team to come up against Cap, Falcon and Bucky, and Steve was expecting his team to come up against a team of Winter Soldiers. The airport is simply where Tony catches up to Steve and the fight goes down.
    I don’t think either side actually go for the kill (except Black Panther going for Bucky) – Vision and Scarlett Witch could probably murder most the opposing side if they wanted! You obviously have to suspend your disbelief slightly that the heroes know exactly how much punishment each of them could reasonably take, but it’s a Marvel movie so I think that’s par for the course there.
    If you notice, the goal of Cap’s side is simply to get to the hangar to escape, as from their P.O.V they just want to foil Zemo’s plan. That’s the reason Ant-Man becomes Giant-Man, as a distraction to try and allow the others to escape.
    Equally Tony’s side were just trying to arrest Bucky and the rest of the heroes who refused to sign the accords. You can see this when Spider-man just webs up Bucky and Falcon, or War Machine gets out his stun sword thing (‘this ain’t gonna kill you, but it ain’t gonna tickle either’).
    So yea, just wanted to point that out (this is a nerdy podcast after all!). And for my eyes this was one of the best, if not the best, fight scene Marvel has done.


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